Créer un tutoriel peut paraître compliqué et fastidieux. Nous souhaitons changer cela !

Announcing Wikifab in beta!


Wikifab, the open source hardware documentation platform is in beta version. Everybody can join it. You just need a Wikifab account, so ask for your early access if you don’t have one!

We’ve been focused on three things to simplify DIY project documentation:

#1. The friendliest and simplest user interface of any documentation tool.

#2. A powerful search engine to allow users search for a project by difficulty, duration, cost or list of materials.

#3. A page history that contains a list of the tutorial’s changes, including the date and time of each edit and the username of the user who made it.

What happens now?

Wikifab is in development and we believe we’re just getting started on our mission. Our goal is to empower individuals to share their technical knowledge with the rest of the world.

We will continue to launch additional features that make this product even better. We’d love your feedback. To become part of the conversation, ask questions or receive help, join our discourse chat room