Créer un tutoriel peut paraître compliqué et fastidieux. Nous souhaitons changer cela !

Empowering OSCEdays antennas to document their OSHW projects


OSCEdays is an open, distributed and globally connected event. Experts, enthusiasts and innovators from across the globe work together in order to exchange ideas and solutions – prototyping systems, products and designs for an Open Source Circular Economy.

Picture the OSCEdays has a distributed hackathon exploring Open Source for a Circular Economy!

On June 9 this year, 70+ locations will simultaneously organise workshops, teardowns, co-design and prototyping in various cities across the globe. The main areas of research are:


At Wikifab we felt the need to help the OSCEdays hardware projects to document and share their instructions in order to enable collaboration and conversation among the antennas.

We drafted a topic on the OSCEdays community forum that contains ‘best practices’ for writing a good technical documentation, find it here. It an open forum so feel free to join the discussion 😉